Need to Lease or Purchase Commercial Real Estate for Your Business?

TENANTS: Does your business need more space, a permanent location, or a better lease? Do you need office space, R&D facilities, industrial property, or other commercial real estate?

  • We do not care about getting you into a specific property with a specific landlord. We care about helping you get the right space for your business at the best price.
  • We have access to any available commercial property and excellent people throughout the Bay Area and most of the world. Trying to recreate that knowledge base and service is prohibitively.
  • All tenant services are paid for by the building owners, but your service provider's fiduciary duty is to you.
In order to be put in touch with a service provider in your geographic area or target market, just fill out one of our "Bay Area Search", "U.S. Property Search", or "International Property Search" request forms.


  • Initial and ongoing property requirement consultation
  • Renegotiation on current leases
  • Market & submarket review
  • Site pre-tour to preview the property prior to presenting it to you
  • Personal site tours with you and your team
  • Purchase vs. lease analysis
  • First-rate negotiation
  • Assistance in obtaining the right post-deal service providers

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If you are looking to purchase, sell, or lease commercial property, we will connect you with the best service providers.

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